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I use Grapher all the time, and while I think it's mostly wonderful, there are some things about it that I find annoying. Specifically:

  • The default 2D graph has annoying default options that require many clicks to change to the settings I prefer.
  • If I edit the color or line size of a graph and then change the equation generating that graph, I lose my style changes and have to re-do them.

I think I could manage these (especially the first one) better if Grapher were scriptable via Applescript or Automator; if I could write a script like Create Better 2D Graph or something, that'd go a long way to making my life easier. But I can't find any documentation to help me; I can't even find anything that mentions whether or not it's even possible. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

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The place to look is the Script Editor application, where you can see a list of applications that have AppleScript dictionaries. Grapher doesn't, sadly.

Consider filing a formal feature request with Apple about this... or buy some full-featured math software.

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