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I'm running a shell script to do various things for me. The idea is to add it to crontab. Here's a sample command to show databases:



echo "starting backup process at $Now " >> $T

MYSQL="$(which mysql)"
MYSQLDUMP="$(which mysqldump)"
GZIP="$(which gzip)"


echo "querying the database for record older than date $Lastweekdate " >> $T

DBS="$($MYSQL -u $mysqluser -h $mysqlhost -p$mysqlpass -Bse 'show databases');"

##if noerror then

## echo "success" >> $T
## echo "Backup failed" >> $T

## rm -f $T

/usr/bin/mail  -s $Subject "$EMAILID" <$T

So as you can see, I have no clue on how to check if the operation was successful or not. Aside from that, everything works perfectly.

Can anyone give me a hand? for reading.

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Check the error return code, It's $?

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