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In Firefox, if I press /, I can get the in-browser (on-the-same-page) search box to pop up at the bottom temporarily (it will time-out after some short period).

quick find in firefox

However, if I press Ctrl-F, it will stay up, and if I click to a new page, it will re-perform the on-page search, updating the count of found instances.

normal firefox find

In Google Chrome, pressing Ctrl-F yields the on-page search box for that page only, and as soon as a link is clicked, it disappears.

chrome search box

I know that on the next page I can just press Ctrl-G (or F3 to 'Find Next', but would like to find a way to mimic Firefox's functionality in this aspect.

Is this possible, and if so, how?

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Best thing that I have been able to find (in my short search) is chrome-type-ahead.

Type-ahead-find (or find as you type) is an extremely useful accessibility feature (a core functionality in major browsers like Firefox or Safari), but it's not implemented in Chrome (nor planned to be). So -unless Chromium developers come to their senses- we will have to resign ourselves to use an extension.

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