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Since I got the latest update of Safari there seems to be a change in behavior. If I have several tabs open and I return to a tab after being on another one for a while, it refreshes the page. The same thing happens after returning to Safari from another application. Where this is problematic is when I have a url for a script in a tab, it runs the script again. So,

  1. Am I crazy, is it really deciding on its own to refresh after a certain period of absence from the tab?
  2. Can I turn this behavior off?
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It is not a feature (or any bug that has been mentioned that I can find). If you some reason you want to cause this behavior, you have use this. It could be that you have scripts running on the page that are causing the refresh ( for example refreshes every once in a while).

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While some pages do self-refresh periodically as you noted, these are not the pages I am concerned with. I did find that URLs that run scripts do not run again, even though the page goes blank and refreshes. It is this going blank and redisplaying the page that is a new behavior. – Kenneth Vogt Aug 3 '11 at 18:15

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