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After /etc/gdm/custom.conf modification. I want to startup in full screen my application such as IDE or Kiosk apps. Without showing up Gnome desktop taskbar etc.

How can I do that in my Fedora 15? I have tried such as this but did not worked.

vi /etc/rc.local
java -jar /tmp/myapplication.jar --fullscreenkiosk
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First, create a script that starts only what you want, and put it in an appropriate location like /usr/local/bin. For instance, this script starts the Metacity window manager (you'll experience some difficulties if you don't run at least a window manager) and Eclipse. (There are some fancier things you can do, for instance in this example I showed how to restart the program if it is exited.)



metacity &

Then, make it executable by running chmod +x /usr/local/bin/ Now, create a desktop file for it in /usr/share/xsessions.


[Desktop Entry]
Name=Eclipse Kiosk

Now, Eclipse Kiosk will appear in the GDM sessions menu and GDM can be configured to log in using it however you want.

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