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I installed USB overdrive to my 10.7 Lion distribution. Unfortunately I can't move my mouse after that anymore.

In my Applications folder there is an application named "Uninstall USB". Via Cmd-O I can open it, but since I have no mouse, I can't select anything from the popup.

I also tried safe mode without success. So my question is: How can I uninstall this app by using the terminal?

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I cant select anything using the tab key in the popup. There are 2 possibilities Quit or Uninstall. Quit is selected as standard. The only thing i can do is pushing enter and logically the dialog closes. – Tom Aug 4 '11 at 12:21
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Enable global keyboard access

See if you have "All controls" are enabled in System Preferences → Keyboard & Mouse (only on Leopard now, should be similar in Lion).

You will need to press the appropriate keyboard shortcut, e.g. Ctrl-F7 to toggle this setting.

enter image description here

When enabled, you can navigate all dialogs with Tab or Shift-Tab, selecting elements with Space. This should get you through the uninstallation.

Manually call the uninstallation script

Try this:

/Applications/Utilities/Uninstall\ USB\

This is what I believe should work instantly, as it is the only script there is in the Uninstallation app (I just downloaded the tool, version 3.0.1 and checked).

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Thank you pretty much! You saved my day! Your first suggestion was just right. After that i was able to tab switch in the popup menu. After the uninstall process i rebooted and everything works fine now again, making me smile :D – Tom Aug 4 '11 at 12:45

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