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I'd like a footer that has not only page number but also chapter title (heading 1) depending on what chapter the page is in.

How do I add the chapter info to the footer.

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Here is a link that explains how to do what you want. office.microsoft.com/en-us/word-help/… –  love_me_some_linux Aug 4 '11 at 19:51
@love_me_some_linux Your link is dead. –  Vadorequest Dec 14 '14 at 10:18

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The best way to automatically do this is through Fields. Assuming the format of your chapters or headings are styles, you need only to add a reference to styles.

In Word 2010, whilst editing the Header & Footer go to Header & Footer Tools > Design > Quick Parts > Field....

In Word 2013 it's in Insert > Quick Parts > Field > StyleRef (thanks to @techbrunch)

Location of Field in the Ribbon UI

Now in the Field dialog box, choose StyleRef from the Field name list and your desired heading from the Style name list.

Heading name in header

You can similar add page numbers by choosing Page in the Field name list.

Additional Notes

Using fields, the data is automatically updated and you don't need to repeat anything per different pages or sections. In pre-ribbon word versions (2003 and earlier) simply go to Insert > Field when editing the header/footer.

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With Word 2013 : Insert > Quick Parts > Field > StyleRef –  Techbrunch May 29 '13 at 8:11
What if I my Heading 1 is a numbered list and I want to display the number with the title as well? This solution displays only the title, not the number. –  Vadorequest Dec 14 '14 at 10:23

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