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I'm looking a text editor on Windows that can handle Markdown syntax. Specifically, I would like it to automatically insert bullets when adding to a bulleted list (so I don't have to manually type the asterisk at the beginning of each line).

For example, this behavior is available in Byword for Mac, but I need this same functionality in a Windows app. Ideally this is a standalone app but I'm okay with locally running web-based solutions.


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Try sublime text 3 with Markdown Edit.
This is the Features list on the Github. Bullets are addressed in the third point.

At the end of a list item, pressing Enter will automatically insert the new list item bullet.

Pressing Tab on the blank list item will indent it and switch the list bullet to another one (Order is *, -, + in a cycle).

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You can try Visual Studio 20xx (the Express version is free) with this addon:

Markdown Mode -

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Unfortunately Visual Studio 2010 Express does not support Extensions. I found this out when trying to install this very extension. For something independent, see wikipedia "Extensions are supported in the Standard (and higher) versions of Visual Studio 2005. Express Editions do not support hosting extensions." – Clare Macrae Mar 17 '12 at 16:38

Markdown Edit automatically insert bullets.

Here is an example gif of the bullets being added:


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Can you expand your answer to explain why this particular software? Maybe include a screenshot of the behaviour the OP is after? – Burgi Apr 11 at 23:26
@Burgi this function is not specified in the features. But I made a gif – pongo Apr 12 at 11:27

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