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I often select something I want to google with the mouse (no [ctrl-c], I'm on X11/Linux), so I can paste it into the search engine box in firefox. However, there's usually already something in there from a previous search, so I can't just paste it. This sits in my way all the time, so here's my question:

Is there a way to clear the search form as soon as I hit [enter]? So it'll be empty for the next time I search for something?

On Linux, I find that the [ctrl-c] ... [ctrl-v] should not be neccessary in that case, as it forces me to move the hand back to the keyboard (i'm left-handed).

This would also be helpful in cases I did google something that I don't want others to see. It's easy to forget that your last search is still up there, despite you closed the tab already.

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The addon Searchload options does this.

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Sadly, this add-on was removed by its author in 2015. – Chad Nouis Dec 31 '15 at 15:03

Clear Search 2 addon does exactly what you want. Its description:

Clears the search bar after you perform a search, getting the old query out of the way. Useful for quickly pasting text into it, or for keeping your most recent query hidden.

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