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I use M-x term in emacs, it brightens my day!


Can I change the default terminal escape character, C-c, to something a little more convenient like C-x?

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You make like shell mode like better. While in term mode, you can switch from char mode (the default) to line mode with C-c C-j (switch back to char mode with C-c C-k). line mode works more like shell mode where C-x is the escape character. As I understand it, the reason to use term mode is that it works more like a normal terminal than shell mode. In principle you could use terminal emacs inside term mode and have the C-x escape character passed to that instance emacs. Useful if you use term mode for a ssh session to another machine.

I often use serial term mode for serial connections and it is convient for me to change back and forth between char mode and line mode frequently. char mode when I want to forget that I'm using emacs and just send all keystrokes to the machine, line mode when I want to do something more advanced like copy a portion of the session to another buffer.

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I'll give that a run, but for now I'm happy, thank you. – dsjbirch Aug 14 '11 at 12:09
Okay, not happy with that, just lost tab completion from bash. – dsjbirch Aug 14 '11 at 12:12

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