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I'm looking to use XML in InDesign that comes from a live url as it's constantly updating from a database.

I know I can download the XML and import it from the desktop but does anyone know how to pull it straight from the XML page online at a URL?

Any advice appreciated! I'm running CS5.

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I wish! I've tried and this was impossible as of CS3, and I'm doubtful about CS5. Seems like it would be an easy feat for a plugin to accomplish.

I remember starting a discussion topic similar to this on Adobe forums long ago, because this would be great for variable data generated with a PHP script.

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What pains me is in the back of my mind, I've done it successfully before! I remember the delay where it was summoned from the URL. I question my sanity now. – Cordial Aug 8 '11 at 9:35

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