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Are there any programs that can make my newly "BootCamped" Mac work like Lion (or at least Snow Leopard) when running Windows 7 Ultimate?

I'm talking about things like Command+L for the URL bar, (on Windows it locks the screen,) the Option key being used to navigate between words, inertial scrolling, and, reverse scrolling.

I suppose the answer is probably no, but it's worth asking.

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IMO, this is a bad idea, OS X and Windows do some things differently enough that it's probably worth the minor irritation of them doing things differently just so you don't accidentally do something expecting different behaviour. – Phoshi Aug 5 '11 at 21:17
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Much of what you are looking for can be found in this Lifehacker article, "How to Get Mac OS X’s Best Features on Windows".

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Some tips:

  • Install Safari, QuickTime and iTunes and try them as replacements for IE and Windows Media Player. Control+L will work like Command+L to activate the URL bar.
  • The Windows 7 Start Menu has a search feature pretty similar to Spotlight.
  • You can use AutoHotKey or X-Mouse Button Control to invert the mouse scrolling to match Lion's.
  • I actually made window management the same on both operating systems by installing Cinch on OS X. That gives OS X the window snap features of Windows 7.

As I think of more tips I may include them here later, but those are the ones I remember out the top of my head. Hope this helps.

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After some poking around I could only find this:

Yeah, it really isn't anything.

You may be able to custom configure your short cuts, but you may want to ask that on Superuser. (I don't know how to do that, but I have seen others do so)

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After installing the Snow Transformation Pack my system became unstable and slow. For example, it took 5 minutes to shutdown. – ovann86 Aug 5 '11 at 22:24

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