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I am using Firefox on Ubuntu 10.4. I want to download a TED movie but my browser forces me to play it. The player it shows has no apparent option to save the video. I can save the video if I do a wget on the URL, but that seems like a harder route than normal.

I found a promising dialog in Edit|Preferences|Applications. I set "MPEG4 Video" to "Always ask" and every other video format I could find also to "Always Ask". I think I'm missing the mapping from video/mp4 to "Always Ask". It's probably missing from the dialog in some sort of assumption that everyone would always want to play a video/mp4 directly in firefox.

In short, is there a way to map video/mp4 to "Always Ask"?

BTW: My ISP's "unlimited plan" limits me to only 5GB per month, so I want to download my favorite videos and watch them locally as many times as I want. Fellow Americans, beware of "unlimited" plans.

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Try browsing to about:plugins and disabling any media player plugins that appear there, such as Totem or VLC.

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