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When I hold down Ctrl, Shift and click on an item in the taskbar in Windows 7, a UAC dialogue pops up asking if I want to allow the program to make changes to my system.

I daren't grant permission lest it uninstall the program or something (though it seems unlikely since I get the same message when I do in on an Explorer window), but I can't find any reference to the shortcut.

What does it do?

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This merely runs the clicked program as an administrator.

Under "Taskbar Keyboard Shortcuts"

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In case you don't understand very well the UAC dialogues and what this whole feature is, read this article: What is UAC & Why You Should Never Turn it Off

It explains everything you need to know.

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Thanks, but my question was just about the function of the key combo, not the UAC window. – wyatt Aug 10 '11 at 12:28

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