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Using Windows 7.

I want to share a PPP connection called "T-Home DSL" with another computer on an ad hoc Wireless network. The connection is called "Wireless Internet Connection". I go to the adapter list and choose properties->Sharing on the Wireless Internet Connection. However, the only connections listed after checking the checkbox are: "Hamachi" and a "VirtualBox Host-Only Network", not the "T-Home DSL". I realize it isn't a totally normal connection (PPPoE) and it therefore might be unavailable, but I don't know how I can share the internet connection using it then. Maybe create some virtual LAN network adapter? How do I do that?

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You need to edit the properties of the PPPoE connection first, then choose which interface ("Wireless Internet Connection") to make it available to.

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I can't do that, since it tells me (in German) to use the "Netzmanager" when I try and open the Properties window. – Janus Troelsen Aug 8 '11 at 10:51
Remove "Netzmanager". (Or play with the nat and autodhcp contexts in netsh.) – grawity Aug 10 '11 at 23:18

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