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I have a Mac OS X Leapord Server v10.6.8 installed on an Xserve and currently have things set up in the following order:

ISP --> Router --> Switch --> Server --> iMac. 

I also have a Power Mac G5 with OS X 10.5.8 configured as a server. I was wondering if it was possible to configure the PowerMac as a gateway, to serve as a firewall; blocking access from outside coming in

ISP --> Router --> Server --> Switch --> Server --> iMac 

I had looked it up on the internet, but I could not find anything useful.

If it is possible:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of configuring the machine as a gateway?
  • How can it be accomplished?

Edited: Forgot to mention the main server. Also, I have already installed an ethernet card in addition to the ethernet port on the Power Mac.

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It's theoretically possible, but depends on what you really need. Your router should take care of any unwanted external connections, therefore eliminating the need for a dedicated firewall. Also, note that you would need two ethernet connections on your Server then and it's (in my opinion) much harder to configure and maintain such a network setup. – slhck Aug 8 '11 at 12:16

I suppose you could use the PowerMac as a makeshift firewall.

I'd recommend running either IPCop or Smoothwall as the firewall/gateway management software.

Just make sure that you read up on the tutorials/guides available on the websites, and downlaod the correct ISO for your system's architecture. (PPC I suppose).

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