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I need to know how to rename VLAN interfaces. I'm currently running Ubuntu 11.04. I'm running a networking application that takes frames on one interface applies things like delays and errors and then forwards the frames out another interface. The default naming convention which names things <interface>.<vlan> e.g. eth0.2 will not work for my purposes because the program which parses the configuration script for the networking application doesn't like the decimal in the interface name. I ran vconfig set_name_type VLAN_PLUS_VID which solves the decimal in the interface name problem, however, I can then no longer assign the same vlan id to multiple interfaces because they have the same name.

I know how to change physical interface names using udev rules, but because the vlan's will have the same MAC address and they aren't physical interfaces I can't use those rules to rename the interfaces.

Is there a way to rename any interface in linux, including the virtual ones? Is there a way to specify your own naming convention for config set_name_type option without having to recompile the source of vconfig?

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Figured it out. Simply run the following command

ip link set <current name> name <new name>

So if I had vlan eth0.3 and I wanted to call it eth0v3 I would run the command

ip link set eth0.3 name eth0v3

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