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I'm trying to connect a Windows 7 server and an Ubuntu 11.04 client with Synergy 1.3.7.

I have checked that the server is listening on the correct port by running netstat -ano. I have also checked that the client can connect to the server on this port with telnet.

  • The server has the screen name Rupert-PC.


  • The server is setup with both the server screen, Rupert-PC, and the client screen, Ubuntu.


I have checked that the client is called ubuntu by running hostname. I have also tried specifying it directly by called synergyc -f --name ubuntu

However, the client still can't connect and gives the following error:

Error server refused client with name "ubuntu"

Any ideas on what else I can check to get this working?

Edit: I've also tried using Synergy 1.4.3 beta but got the same result.

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The solution was simple: I changed the server screen name from Rupert-PC to rupert. I'm not sure why this worked. Maybe it didn't like the capital letters or the hyphen. Unfortunately I can't add this as an answer for another 8 hours as my reputation is below 100. I'll to remember to do so then. –  Rupert Madden-Abbott Aug 9 '11 at 0:29

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The problem is with the hyphen. I was facing the same issue. When I removed the '-' from the client configuration's screen name and from the host's server configuration screen name. It worked.

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The problem was with the server screen name, "Rupert-PC". By using "rupert" instead, synergy worked fine.

This may either be a problem with capitalisation or the hyphen.

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