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Possible Duplicate:
Upgrade from Windows Vista (x64) to Windows 7 (x64)

I have been using Vista HP x64 for around two years now, and recently 7 caught me and I decided to upgrade. The bad part of this is that I don't have an external hard drive to back up my files.

Does an upgrade give the option to keep every file from the previous installation? I can re-install my software without any hassle but the file do matter a lot.

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You don't ever need to reformat. When you choose a Custom install instead of an in-place upgrade, formatting your harddrive is optional.

It's been like that since the days of Win 2000. What Setup will do is move all your old files into a folder called Windows.old. Then when Setup is done, you can just drag and drop you files out of the folder to where ever you want.

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