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I use Fedora 15.

Not sure if I understand how EPEL is related to rpmfusion.

Is EPEL a branch of rpmfusion or are they a completely different projects?

What other major 3-rd party repositories would you recommend for Fedora?

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The only other one I install is Livna, because I use the sole package it continues to provide that RPMFusion refuses to quite often. ;-) – Patches Aug 11 '11 at 12:14
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  • EPEL is a repository of extra bits for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (and its offshoots, such as CentOS). The EPEL repository is maintained by the Fedora project.

  • RPM Fusion is a repository of extra bits that can be used with Fedora OR Red Hat Enterprise Linux OR Red Hat Enterprise Linux + EPEL and is also maintained by the Fedora project.

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EPEL is for people using RedHat Enterprise Linux (it stands for Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) not for people using Fedora.

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