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I've got DavMail running in Linux Mint so Thunderbird can access IMAP/SMTP/LDAP/CalDav. I've got everything working at this point except LDAP. Basically I can't figure out what the base DN should be. Where on my Windows XP box can I find this? I've tried a few things, and the address book always shows up blank once I add the LDAP server.

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The "Base DN" when adding a new LDAP directory in Thunderbird should be ou=people as specified on this page [].

Contrary to what the screenshot in those instructions shows (in French, no less), your "Bind DN" should actually be your email address. At least this was the case for me, with the educational ("Live@edu") version of Office365.

Also, not sure if this is worth mentioning, but I did have a really annoying problem with Thunderbird on Mac OS X which caused me to think that the LDAP lookup wasn't working at all: the dialog box which prompted for the password (to access the DavMail server) got stuck under a bunch of other windows, and on the wrong virtual desktop (I believe Apple calls these "Spaces"). Once I "discovered" the password prompt and gave it my OWA password, LDAP lookups in the addressbook with Shift + ⌘ + F worked just fine.

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The base object for searches is something that your directory server administrator tells you. It might be possible to discover the namingContext of the directory server if you know the hostname and port upon which the server listens by querying the root DSE. See The root DSE for more information.

The information regarding the namingContext might be protected by access control, in which case you must get the name of the base object from the directory server administrator. The directory server might master or shadow multiple naming contexts, in which case you must get the name of the base object from the directory server administrator.

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