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I have a 300GB hard drive and want to make a seperate partition in Mac OS X? How do I do this?

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(Update: As Gordon Davisson said in the comments, make a back up first!)

Open Disk Utility. Select your hard drive in the sidebar. Select the "Partition" tab. Click the "+" button. Resize to your heart's content. Apply. Wait, and try not to do anything.

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I'd add a preliminary step: back up anything important before messing with your partitioning. I've seen this live repartition process fail in a variety of ways (although -- so far anyway -- never in a way that looses data). – Gordon Davisson Aug 30 '09 at 0:00
Always good advice to have backups when fooling around with such things! – EmmEff Aug 30 '09 at 1:14

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