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I compiled a recent youtube-dl script on 2011.08.04.

When I try and download Snow: Coronet Peak superb conditions or New for 2012 at Holiday World: Mammoth - World's Longest Water Coaster!, it downloads 0kb of the movie and the filenames will be anything that was before the colon in the Movie Title.

I get New for 2012 at Holiday World instead of New for 2012 at Holiday World: Mammoth - World's Longest Water Coaster! and Snow instead of Snow: Coronet Peak superb conditions.

So for me any download from YouTube with a : in the Title will give me a 0kb file with chopped title and no extension.

Can anyone tell me how to make this work?

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The easy way is to change the name like this:

youtube-dl -o myvideo

Now I dont know why is that happening to you, it works for me even without the output name changed

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Thankyou Hassek, but I was using -t -b -w -c in my switches and only changed the -t to -l -b -w -c as -t (title) has under_scores in the downloaded file name and -l literal does not. This has only happened since i changed to the Literal switch (-l). I think the Literal -l switch does not like : the colon in the movie title. – Steev Miller Aug 8 '11 at 5:40
It's odd since is working for me with the -l, for some reason I don't have a -b option. I am running this on a mac, maybe it has to do with your system and not the script. – Hassek Aug 8 '11 at 6:01
Maybe Hassek, or as you have youtube dl installed in your system and you call it from the command line in Mac, i have mine compiled into an windows executable using py2exe, then i have the url and switches called after in another commandline which downloads the file. Windows sp3 and Windows 7 is what i have been using the compiled version on... i guess under_scores in file names are ok :( – Steev Miller Aug 8 '11 at 6:48
FIXED:) I Just replaced ur'_' coding with ur' 'in simple_title = re.sub(ur'(?u)([^%s]+)' % simple_title_chars, ur'_', video_title) simple_title = simple_title.strip(ur'_') – Steev Miller Aug 8 '11 at 23:54

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