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In Ubuntu, to control Opera from the command line you would use the command

opera -remote "openURL(www.google.com)"

is there a command like that for Google Chrome? Using the command

/usr/bin/google-chrome www.google.com

just opens a new window.

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Works for me, and should work in general. –  Hasturkun Aug 10 '11 at 14:59

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This worked for me, opening my personal website in a new Chrome window on Ubuntu Linux:

google-chrome http://dotancohen.com

It looks like you are missing the initial http:// part.

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The chromix project might be what you're looking for. It allows control of chrome and its tabs from the command line (or within a script).

Disclaimer: I'm it's author.

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Here is another (more generic) way to do that (assume chrome is your default browser) :

gnome-open http://superuser.com/
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I would just do chromium-browser (for chromium), or google-chrome, and instead of depending on it being there in /usr/bin/google-chrome just rely on you PATH, or if you really want to know exactly where it is just type which google-chrome and it will give you the path note that the which command will tell you the static location of an application

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