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How do I create a calendar appointment from an e-mail in Outlook 2011 for Mac?

In Windows, the e-mail content and attachments are carried over just by dragging and dropping. Dragging and dropping on the Mac doesn't work.

Is there any other function to take an e-mail and make it a calendar appointment?

I'm trying to avoid emailing it to myself.

Edit: Since someone went to the trouble to make email2task, is it safe to assume this feature is not available otherwise?

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Outlook 2011 for the Mac was re-written from the ground up (Microsoft didn't re-use the previous Entourage code), so it's lacking a lot of features that: A) Are in the Windows version B) Have been in previous versions.

But the upside is that it's fast and native on Intel-based Mac OSX.

There is no built-in feature to create an appointment from message in Outlook 2011 for Mac, so I wrote one: Appointment from Message v2.1

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