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I normally have Compiz disabled on my Ubuntu box. However, I decided to enable it so that I could get Windows 7's "Aero Snap" functionality. (Instructions on how to get Aero Snap with Compiz are here, for anyone interested.)

I have Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+4 hotkeyed to switch to different workspaces, or viewports as Compiz calls them. With Compiz disabled I was able to move a window to a different workspace by grabbing it (clicking and holding on its title bar) and then pressing the appropriate hotkey. Since enabling Compiz, I can no longer do so.

Is there any way to get that functionality back? I much prefer it to having to right click the window's title bar and choose from the "Move to Another Workspace" menu.

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If you're using the cube, have you played around with Rotate Cube > Bindings > Rotate to Cube Face with Window? – frabjous Aug 11 '11 at 2:29
I do not use the cube, but thanks for the suggestion. – Mitch Lindgren Aug 11 '11 at 2:32
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I haven't discovered how to drag windows across workspaces with Compiz enabled yet, but I did discover something even better. Using the "Put" section in CompizConfig Settings Manager, you can bind keys to move the active window to a specific or adjacent workspace. Using the hotkeys alone is faster than having to drag while using the hotkeys, so it's a pretty good solution.

I'll leave this question open for a few days in case anyone has an answer to the original question.

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You can easily do this. Change a setting(Edge Flip Move) in compiz-config-settings-manager. Then you can switch workspace while dragging your window.

enter image description here

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