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I am trying to install a software(Bitnami Trac Stac) on Windows 7. But it fails with following errors.

enter image description here

Actually I had this software installed previously but accidentally some of the files including the un-installation files were accidentally deleted and now when I try to re install this software it fails.

Any idea how I can resolve these errors ?

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(Disclosure: I'm a member of the BitNami team)

Try opening a Command Prompt, executing the command set and checking if there are any references to Python in the output.

We have detected an issue that appears when you have PYTHON_PATH and/or PYTHON_HOME environment variables (either because there is another Python installed or because it was in the past).

As a workaround so you can install Trac while we fix this:

  • In a Command Prompt, run:



  • Drag the installer to the Command Prompt and hit Enter to execute it.

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thanks this solved the installation issue but in the browser interface, no admin tab is shown as it was there in my previous installation. How can I get it back ? – user01 Aug 12 '11 at 8:00
Are you logged in? If you are, could you post a screenshot? – Josue Aug 12 '11 at 8:30

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