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How do I save a contact group that was sent via to my email - to my outlook contacts?

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By personal experience with Outlook 2010 I am able to open a Group email list sent to me by another person, but clicking on "Save and Close" does nothing! I have six such group files to try to save into my Contacts.

And can accomplish nothing!

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To solve, as stated above, double click the "Contact Card", which is the attachment in the email sent to you.

Next, select the "file" tab

Then, click the big, "move to folder" button - select "Copy to folder" and select "My Contacts".

Other clarification: When attempting to use this method in a new message, however - We still have to select "contacts" from the drop-down menu, where if we create our own group, the name of the "contact group" will automatically fill itself in as you begin typing it in the "to" field.

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If it came as an attachment, simply double click on it and it will open up a dialog. On the dialog, select Save and Close or you can modify it as required (such as what you wish to name this contact group) before saving it.

If it is in the an email field, just right-click on the contact group name and select Add to Outlook Contacts.

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I solved this by double-clicking the contact card in the attachment, selecting the File tab, clicking on the big 'Move to Folder' button, selecting 'Copy to folder...', and then selecting my contacts folder.

Not really intuitive, but it worked for me. I wasn't able to just open the contact group up and hit save as suggested below...although that's probably how it should work.

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All you do is left click on the distribution list in the email and drag it from the email to the contacts button and drop it.

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