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I have a workbook with a "master worksheet" and 4 worksheets that reference all the information in the master. The purpose of the master sheet requires resorting on a quarterly basis. My issue is the format of the referenced cells on the other 4 worksheets. The resort changes the position of the referenced information but it does not pick up all the formats which leaves me with miss matched formats between the master and the other sheets. Can I use a function to reference a cells value and its formats?

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To specifically answer your last question on whether you can reference a cell's format, the answer is yes, by using the CELL function in your formula.

 =CELL("format", A1)

The values that this function returns are listed on this page:


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You could try putting together a hack macro that resets your cell references. If the position changes you'll need to get Excel to locate whatever column/row that you are interested in using some sort of search.

Another way is to leave the master spreadsheet alone and recreate the 4 other guys each time you get an updated master, all with VBA.

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