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I'm looking to upgrade a Lenovo ThinkPad X300 with a new SSD drive, to double its storage capacity. I would like to take the old drive, which is a 1.8 inch SSD SATA drive, and use it in a desktop machine. But I hear rumors that the power requirements may not be the same. Do I need an adapter? What is it called? Where do I get it? How will I know?

(I'm not worried about physically mounting the drive since luckily I have an Antec Solo and can just suspend the drive. So correct power and connectors are my only issue.)

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1.8" Sata Drives use Micro Sata. You can get an adapter to 2.5" Sata that will fit in pretty much any laptop or you can buy a further adapter to use it in a desktop.

I have seen a few in shops at very high prices, but, the best bet is probably eBay. A quick search found this one for about $20.

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