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We're considering a number of migration options for OpenOffice at the moment.

Can anyone confirm if OpenOffice is capable of opening and converting all of the following Office file formats?

  • doc (97-2003)
  • docx (2007-)
  • ppt
  • pptx
  • xls
  • xlsx
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Formats are more or less supported, however you will probably have some problems with elements within a file, for example equations in word documents usually don't map good when opened in OO. – enedene Aug 12 '11 at 0:06
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Yes. can read and write all those file formats.

Once in a while I do encounter a document that doesn't convert very well, but these are usually documents that are very complex and so other programs (e.g., WordPerfect Office) also have a little trouble with them.

Interoperability is generally quite good, but from any product to any other product there can be challenges with file format conversions (in any direction), so I recommend that you install on one of your computers and try loading a variety of your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to see if there are any major issues right-off-the-bat.

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