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A website has a slideshow of images, for example:This link Since the slideshow is automatic, is there anyway to save those images automatically into a folder? either by a browser plugin or by some scripting languages ?

btw: The above link is for example ONLY. I WILL NOT do this against that website! I understand the legal issues involved! So please don't discuss the legal issues here

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One technical issue is that the method for extracting the image URL (thus makes it possible to download it) will depend between different slideshow-scripts and webpages. I would say that is's almost impossible to make something which works flawlessly on different web pages.

You could take a look at the iMacros plugin, which gives you the ability to automate many browser tasks. Perhaps, you can achieve what you want by creating a macro.

Of course, it's not impossible to make a script or software which downloads all images on a specific web-page, but then you'll have to do it by yourself.

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You can use HTTrack which allows you to take a snapshot of everything that is on a website. In options you can set custom rules so that you only download files with a specific extension (.jpg, .png, ...). This is a self standing software and not an add-on for a browser, however it is a great tool to have.

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This plugin allow you to extract video and pictures from website. Usefull with Firefox

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Just use wget:

wget -r -p -L -nc -nH -np -A big.jpg,big.gif,big.png -q

From here:

In your case, just put file extensions, no need for the "big" part of the filename.

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Your code doesn't work and it's not that simple. I this your code only wokrs when the remote server supports file listing which is very rare . – osager Aug 11 '11 at 23:47

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