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I have to do a lot of programming and multitasking and to help I have multiple terminals, emacs and Google-chrome instances open over several workspaces on my gnome desktop. I have these all exactly where I want them to maximise my productivity.

The problem is that when I reboot, I have to open all these Windows again and place them in different positions over different workspaces which I'd like to skip if I can to save time.

Is it possible to save my gnome session such that all these window positions (and sizes if possible, but not necessary) over several workspaces are restored after reboot?

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I don't know of an application to do that, but there is a setting which will remember which applications you have running when you log out. It can be found by

running gnome-session-properties -> Options (Tab) under Gnome2 for me.

I don't believe it remembers positions though.

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