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TortoiseSVN for Mac?

I see people asking for alternatives or similiar versions of Tortoise SVN on the Mac, but I'm working with other developers - who are on a Windows environment using TortoiseSVN and I need to be able to work with them from my MAC - will the SCplugin be able to interface with the windows clients?

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Subversion is the key here, not the front-end that sits on top of it. TortiseSVN and SCPlugin both use Subversion, so you'll be able to integrate with your Windows counterparts just fine.

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Ah I see, so I've got subversion already, and now I've got svnX, but I'm having trouble actually connecting - it's a windows server that has the SVN server on it, so I'm not sure how to connect into it.. –  Kevin Aug 12 '11 at 17:37

Check out Cornerstone and Versions. They're two great Subversion clients for Mac that don't rely on the filesystem browser (Finder) for navigating your working copies. Personally, I prefer Cornerstone's interface over Versions, but they're both very capable apps that should work just fine with your Subversion server and Windows/TortoiseSVN developers.

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Assembla have a great comparison list of Subversion clients for Mac OSX, with reviews:

See also on superuser => TortoiseSVN for Mac?

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