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I asked Spotlight not to index Documents, but I keep getting full lists of programming files, like *.c *.h and all kinds of developer files

And its not just in one folder, its all over the place, so I can't use the Privacy filtering to stop this indexing.

How do I stop this? I am using OS X Lion

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Those are "Developer" items:

I can disable it in System Preferences (16):

enter image description here

However, I've read that some people can't disable Developer as they don't have the option on forums and what not. I do have an iCloud beta installed, so maybe the public release of Lion doesn't have that option, I'm not sure. I can eliminate all my .m and .h files from popping up.

If you don't have the GUI:

Navigate to (~/Library/Preferences) (You may need a file revealing app for this, like this which I wrote, teehee), open with a text editor, and add right before the </array>


If you already have a key value named "SOURCE", replace <true/> with <false/>. It's probably near the bottom.

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