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I backed up a long time ago (have been traveling for a few months and moving) with duplicity. My ubuntu installation broke, so I 'fixed' it by having it overwrite my Windows partition, even though I selected to install it side-by-side Windows.

Nonetheless, the critical files from windows that I need are backed up to my external drive. Now that I have access, how can I restore the My Documents folder from my duplicity backup without remembering the exact folder structure to get there? Is there a way to 'see' what the directories that are backed up?

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Duplicity has options to

  1. List backup sets duplicity collection-status
  2. List files inside a backup set duplicity list-current-files

As an example, you can know which backup sets are available :

duplicity collection-status /location/of/your/backups

And then list files of the 5 months ago backup set :

duplicity list-current-files -t 5M /location/of/your/backups | less

Finally you can restore with :

duplicity -t 5M --file-to-restore "path/to/My Documents" /location/of/your/backups /home/user/where_to_restore

Hope this can help, even if the question was asked long time ago...

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Helped. Faster than looking man duplicity – rpax Dec 20 '15 at 15:49

see follow instructions under Restoring by Hand but instead of tar xf use tar tvf this is going to list the contents of the archive instead of extracting it

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404 page not found – Userpassword Mar 3 '15 at 16:40

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