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In Ubuntu maverick, i cloned from a 6 GB USB drive to a 40 GB SSD drive. The USB drive was at 99% full at the time i did it. everything ran fine and the new system boots up great. It occurs when I run :

df -ah

It shows my new drive sda2 as 6 gigs. When I run gparted it shows it at 37 gigs and 99% full.

When I run

sudo lshw -C disk

it lists the size of /dev/sda as 37 GiB

I followed these steps to the letter and everything worked perfectly. Is there something else that i have to run to get the file system to realize that it only has 6 GB of data on it and not 37 GiB?

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It sounds like you've created a 6GB partition on your 40GB disk, you should be able to use gparted to resize it. Try checking doing

sudo df /dev/sda1

to confirm it.

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