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Possible Duplicate:
Which methods help to improve wireless signal?

I have a Samsung Smart tv, and it is far from the router, hence the signal is very weak.

I was hoping to give it a wired connection. Now, I have a few doubts, I have a TP-Link WR642g router that has an option to enable bridges. This is an extended range G router.

If I buy a new n150 Belkin basic router, will I be able to connect both of them so as to get a good Wi-Fi signal all over the house, or should I keep the second router near the tv and wire the TV through Ethernet?

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It might be worth looking into powerline networking, I use it for similar reasons and it works a treat.

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Not all routers provide a feature like this. You need to either make sure you find a router that provides a "repeater" or "bridge" feature, or a router that is supported by a third-party firmware like DD-WRT or OpenWRT (this is a more advanced setup, though). Look through sales documentation carefully. Based on your description of the situation, I would recommend a repeater, which will introduce a bit of latency but improve reception at the TV significantly.

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any idea on which brand to go for? – Aadi Droid Aug 14 '11 at 6:31

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