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I have 2 screens with session names test1 and test19.

When I try to reattach to test1 by typing

screen -r test1

Gnu Screen cannot tell the difference and pops up

    27082.test19  (08/10/2011 07:47:29 PM)        (Detached)
    27710.test1   (08/09/2011 12:17:47 AM)        (Detached)

Can I fix this without resorting to the pid number? I tried putting test1 in quotes and that didn't work.

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This appears to be fixed in the source.

$>./screen -v
Screen version 4.01.00devel (GNU450e8f3) 2-May-06
$>./screen -ls
There are screens on:
        6943.test19     (Detached)
        6645.test1      (Detached)
2 Sockets in /tmp/uscreens/S-foo.

$>./screen -dr test1
[detached from 6645.test1]

Try updating your system's package if possible. Otherwise use the source

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