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I am trying to compile linux kernel 2.6 and am shocked to see it is taking over 4 Gigs of disk space. It is also taking around 80 minutes to compile. Is it normal ? Or am I doing something wrong ?

make menuconfig


These are the commands I am executing

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Yes, it needs to turn the source in a bunch of object files and link them afterwards. And there are probably also a lot of other files that have to do with it.

Yes, it's normal for the Linux Kernel compilation to take a while. It depends on your computer and how you configured /etc/make.conf in terms of optimization and parallel compilation...

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thats too bad for me .. i am building it on a virtual machine that has only 4.5 GB free space and am getting out of space :( – AnkurVj Aug 14 '11 at 13:14

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