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We have a Brocade Silkworm 3200 fibre switch that we can not locate the administrator password. Is there a way to reset this, or is there a default ID that we can use to gain access to the device?

Or is there a way to do a hard reset on the device to get it back to factory defaults? Any way possible that we can get back into this device?

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For the 2400 series, may work for other models.

In the event that a user changes a password and forgets it, the password can be reinitialized.

To reset factory defaults

  1. Connect the serial port to a PC/workstation using a standard serial cable with a DB9 connector.

  2. Establish a connection to the shell.

The prompt is displayed as switchName:userName>

For example: sw4:admin>

3 . Enter the configDefault command.

Source of Information

PDF document for the 2400, see page 21

PDF for the 3200 Default account and password is admin > password

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