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Who has a program to recursively change 1 subdir structure to Large Icons view?

e.g. I have a MyPics folder on a network drive in which I want to browse all the folders in it using Large Icons view. I want all other folders everywhere to use Details view, so setting Explorer to replicate the current view everywhere is not desirable; nor is manually changing the 1,000+ folders in the MyPics structure to Large Icons view (and for 3 different Windows computers on my LAN, to boot).

Why doesn't Explorer have a way to change a parent folder and all its child folders to the same view style ???

Windows 7 HP x64, for what it's worth, but no other versions of Windows have ever had this desirable option, either... that I'm aware of, anyway.

**unfortunately, what I said was not quite what I meant. :(

I wanted to change the subdirectory and all subdirs below that to Extra Large Icons view.**

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This method works on at least Windows XP:

  1. Right-click folder
  2. Select the Customize tab
  3. Set the picture
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no Need for a Signature –  Malachi Oct 19 '12 at 21:42

T clarify Malachi's answer:

  1. Right-click folder.
  2. Select the Customize tab.
  3. Where it says 'Optimize this folder for:', select 'Pictures'.
  4. Tick the box marked 'Also apply this template to all subfolders'.
  5. Click OK. All subfolders will now default to large icon view (tested on Win 7 & win 8).
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