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There is a serverA with a folder folder1, in folder1 there are different files: bar.htm, test.jpg, test2.jpg, foo.txt, folder1/subfolder1/test3.jpg, etc.

There is a serverB with an empty folder2

I want to constantly sync *.jpg files from serverA to serverB, so that serverB will have test.jpg and test2.jpg, test3.jpg and other .jpg files it can find in subdirectories of the serverA.

Also, I want it work automatically, without requesting password prompt.

Two CentOS servers. I understand that it is best to use rsync, cron, but how should I do?

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Something like this:

for f in `find . -name "*.jpg"`; do rsync $f serverB: ; done

You need to then run it on account that has SSH key with blank password to accessing the serverB.

Note: This fails if files are removed. If you want files deleted from serverB when they are deleted from serverA, then you need to change this.

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