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I have Linux box with Ubuntu + PulseAudio network server installed. I can stream audio from my laptop (with Linux installed too) to the box over local network.

I've recently installed Windows 7 into my laptop. I want to stream my laptop audio to the box. Could someone help me setup audio streaming over network over PulseAudio from Windows to Linux box?

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The second part of the answer (the Windows part) probably applies to your case:

either use an old Windows esd driver, or the linco tool.

AFAIU, there is no pulseaudio sound output driver for Windows as of now, nor even the pulseaudio output module for VLC has been ever built for Windows. (This would allow at least an easy way to output the sound from VLC to your remote pulseaudio server.)

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There are many success stories using Jack streaming server.

One of them:

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