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Basically I have 2 systems, where I want to develop (and use) my application:

  1. A Linux (Debian) system. This is my server. Here I have PostgreSQL (& phpPgAdmin), Apache, Ruby. Typically I use this system from remote, using a DynDNS-Service (this is working fine). Note: Usually I do my SW-Installations there via apt-get (so: No Source-Code).

  2. A Windows 7 Notebook, which is my "working-system", my client. Here I have Aptana-Studio, Ruby ( & also a PostgreSQL-DB). (Actually I don't want to install Eclipse)

What I intend to do: Develop, test (and use) a Web-Application on my Notebook; using Aptana-Studio, PostgreSQL (remotely @ Linux), Ruby (on Rails) & JQuery.

Where I am confused about:

  1. Where do I have to install what?
  2. And what do I have to configure & how?
  3. Are there special drivers (or add-ons) I need, for this to work? If yes: Where shall I install them?

Can somebody please help me?

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If you already have these things installed, why are you asking about installation? Configuring what? – Sathya Aug 15 '11 at 12:12
One example: I expected, that I could configure my DB-Connection (as mentioned: PostgreSQL on remote Debian-Server) in my new Aptana-Project. But I can't: I don't see such an option. So I guess, that something is missing. But what? To me it seems: I have all the bits and pieces installed, but not the connections between them :-) – Rolf Aug 15 '11 at 15:49
Maybe I should be more specific. Step by step. So my question No. 1 is: I created a new (still empty) rails-project in Aptana Studio 3. Now I want to I configure my DB-Connection (a postgreSQL-DB on a remote Debian-Server). Help I find talk about a "Database-perspecitve", which I should open. But a thing like this does not exist. Other help talk about an Add-On (Quantum DB); but this is related to Aptana 2 (I have 3) and, anyway, I don't find a button to include AddOns. – Rolf Aug 15 '11 at 18:03

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