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Since the last days (I guess but not sure the problem started on the same day Windows 7 SP1 was installed) on my Vostro 1710 laptop the audio doesn't work anymore.

If I try to do a Skype call it says "problems with the audio device".

I cannot play a song.

Of course the basic checklist is ok: audio is not disabled, volume is at 60%, on control panel/devices I see that latest driver is installed and works properly.

Do you have other ideas? Are you aware of Windows 7 SP1 problems with dell laptops?

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Just some ideas:

  1. Boot from a live disc into some linux system to verify it is a windows problem.
  2. Reinstall drivers
  3. Try to roll back SP1 or did you mean you installed the whole windows 7 recently?
  4. Verify there are no hardware conflicts, like several devices on the same irq sometimes causes trouble. In that case try throwing a bunch out and letting windows reinstall them sometimes assigns different irqs.
  5. If all else fails, you will have to find users with the same problem and hope they have a solution or debug the system which I suppose you don't want to do. (Google is your friend...)
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Thanks for the ideas I will follow your checklist hoping not to arrive at point (5). – user193655 Aug 18 '11 at 13:21
I just got the solution I will post as a separate answer. – user193655 Aug 18 '11 at 13:23
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Skype helped me by telling "I cannot access your sound card".

So I went to Control Panel and this time I clicked on "Audio" (Instead than going to the list of devices).

I message told me "I cannot access your audio card. Probably the improved driver (and i think this is something Win 7 SP1 installed automatically) doesn't work with your card. Click Ok ti siable it".

After this all worked properly.

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