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I'm looking for a piece of software (free or not) that will allow me to load a .mkv video (and other video types, not just .avi), and tell it to extract frames as images from within a certain interval.

If it can also create a proper quality gif out of that array of images, very well, if not, I can do it myself.

I used to do this with irfanView and it's multimedia plugin, but it only supports avi files, even though it can play mkvs.

Do you know of such programs? I have searched google far and wide and don't seem to find anything, except software that would convert the entire video to a small sized gif. (like formatFactory)

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Take a look at this video, using Adobe Premiere you can set width and height.

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Alison Brie, mmmmm... Oh, the tutorial, right! Thanks, I was hoping to not have to install premiere cause I'm not sure where I put the kit, but it's probably the best solution when it comes to quality... – Tudor Aug 15 '11 at 16:48

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