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I've made two folders on my d disk, web and test. Ive set the default web site to web and browsing http://localhost works perfectly.

ive added a new site and it is setup with the correct physical path and binding http test.localhost 80 *(IP address)

now, i want test to work as a subdomain like http://test.localhost but how do i make this magic happen in iis 7.5? i've read something about wildcards, but cant find anything related in the manager :(

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http://test.localhost won't work because than it will try to resolve with a DNS server which won't have a "localhost" root domain so it will fail.

If you only need to test on your localhost, than you can set an alias in your hosts file. Though I would suggest using just one name without a subdomain, like "test", to simplify things.

If you are doing this to test for a public site with a real domain name, than you'll be fine as long as you make sure your DNS entries have an entry for that full domain name (with sub) that points to the same IP address.

Wildcards are for when you want all sub-domains to be processed by a parent domain. Like and so you can programmatically deliver different content based on the domain. From your description, this isn't what you need for your case.

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