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I've been using fvwm for over 20 years. But it doesn't support drag and drop, and I would like to be able to drag and drop photos from some sort of photo viewer into Chrome. I have no idea how drag and drop works on Linux, so I have some questions:

  1. Do I need a new window manager, or is there some other trick I'm missing?

  2. Do I also need a photo program that understands drag and drop?

  3. If I need a new window manager, what can you recommend that

    • Is lightning fast

    • Has no required panels, taskbars, icons, or any other junk that uses up precious pixels (if I want a menu I know how to press buttons)

    • Allows me to program my own keyboard shortcuts for all actions

    • Allows me to control which keystrokes are intercepted by a window manager and which are delivered to windows

    • Does not require me to tile windows

    • Can support NxM "virtual desktops" like the FVWM Pager

FOLLOWUP: It turns out that fvwm does support drag and drop, at least between Nautilus and Shotwell. So the problem I am experiencing may be a Chrome problem.

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  1. The window manager needs to support XDnD.

  2. Yes, but almost all of them support it.

  3. I used to use wmii. It's a tiler by default, but it fully supports floating windows. As for customizability – all events are handled by one large, editable script (rc/bash/ruby/python/anything).

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