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I have an old hp that i installed ubuntu on and I was wondering how I can turn it into a real router. By real router I don't just mean broadcast the internet but use security software, configurations, and all the stuff normally found on a real router. What are the steps i need to take? I dont have 2 NIC's in it just one but I do have a wireless usb that I can just stick into it.

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Using an old PC as a router can be a fun experiment and a rewarding learning experience, but I also like to remind people that it can often be financially and ecologically unwise as an old PC probably uses far more electricity than an embedded home gateway product. – Spiff Aug 16 '11 at 3:57

There are a number of linux distros that are tailored specifically for use as routers/firewalls

look here:

There are also BSD based options as well.

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